Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Postcard Destination - Grey Abbey in Toronto

This is Grey Abbey Beach. This hidden gem, along the eastern segment of the Scarborough Bluffs looks postcard perfect though its future is uncertain.  The recently proposed alternative for the Scarborough Waterfront Project (SWP) as set out by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) will virtually destroy this beach without your help.

There are two important opportunities to have your comments and feedback included in the environmental assessment. It's the many voices of the community that can help shape the future of this shoreline. A few minutes of you time can make all the difference in preserving the natural beauty of this area. Your involvement can make a difference. 

1. WRITE A LETTER - before July 12, 2017

Please send an email to the TRCA before July 12 with your feedback on the revised preferred alternatives for the shoreline. Your email doesn't have to be long or complicated. Keep it simple. Point form is fine. It's important that the TRCA receives your email before July 12 so your comments can be included in the public feedback segment of the assessment.

2. DELEGATION - on July 28, 2017 

Members of the public are allowed to make a presentation to the TRCA board members regarding the project. The person to contact is Kathy Stranks (Senior Manager, TRCA Corporate Secretariat) at 416-661-6600 x5264. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard by TRCA Board of Directors with a limit of 5 minutes per person. The formal delegation request must be sent before July 19. 




- Situated on the shore of Toronto's longest naturally occurring sand beach

- Over 4 km from Guild to Highland

- A geological treasure with a major gulley over 700 ft long exposing open clay

- Home of 'species at risk' bank swallow nesting colonies 

- Habitat of coyote dens

- Important natural water access for wildlife in the area

- In very close proximity to our eastern water filtration drinking facility

- Excellent location for water recreational activities

- Popular winter hiking area due to wide winter beaches over 20 ft


- Stratified buff fine sand

- Stratified gravelly sand

- Grey silty sand till, moderately stony

- Brown and buff peaty sand

- Brown silty sand

- Laminated peaty clay


Pleistocene Geology of the Scarborough Bluffs

Many thanks for all your support and for caring about this area. With your help, we can preserve the natural features of Grey Abbey for the benefit of all.