Monday, August 14, 2017

Sands of Time

Now that the warm weather has finally decided to stay with us, I hope everyone has been having a relaxing summer. Hopefully you have found some time to be near water and enjoy some beautiful beaches this August. 

This is also a brief note to let you all know that we will continue to advocate for the preservation of Grey Abbey beach and will provide some updates at the end of the month. Thank you to the new contacts that have reached out to us - we look forward to touching base with you in September. 

As most people may know, one of Grey Abbey's greatest assets is its natural sand shoreline. As one of Toronto's longest remaining natural beaches, it is important to point out that the sand of the Scarborough Bluffs is on of the main sources of renewal for the Toronto Islands. This is one of the main reasons that we feel it is important to preserve Grey Abbey beach in its natural state. 

No one knows for certain what the long term impact will be if the sand beach of Grey Abbey is destroyed. Perhaps we should keep in mind that the sand shores of the Toronto Island are slowly diminishing. Lets leave nature alone, before its too late.  

Here are some lovely sand samples that I collected from Grey Abbey earlier this summer...

Sand Wars - A Global Crisis

If anyone is interested in the global perspective on sand, this documentary is a must-see:

This compelling documentary sheds light on the demands that the construction industry has placed on sand supplies around the world and it reveals the resulting environmental devastation. Sand smuggling is now a billion dollar industry and beaches and islands are disappearing. I find it remarkable that sand dredging in the ocean is not only unregulated but the sand is free. Well, free if you have a  $25 million dredging tanker that is. The actually sand itself is free for the taking.

After seeing this video you may feel that the situation here in Scarborough is very tame in comparison, but considering this larger context, it may be just as important. While it may be difficult to do something about sand being stolen from remote islands in the ocean, we can definitely do something about the sand along Grey Abbey shoreline, while there is still time. 

Enjoy the video and enjoy some sand beaches this summer!