Saturday, August 18, 2018

Preserving A Natural Beach and Shoreline

Grey Abbey Beach, Scarborough Bluffs Shoreline, photo Jen Falvy

Friday August 3, 2018 marked an important deadline for the public to submit comment to the Ministry of the Environment on their concerns about the TRCA Scarborough Waterfront Project. What seemed like a random date in the middle of summer when many people are either on vacation or making plans for the long weekend of summer, may have been carefully planned by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. For many, the deadline of August 3 went by unnoticed but for those that have been tirelessly working behind the scenes to preserve this 4 km stretch of natural beach, the date marked a significant turning point and new chapter in our ongoing efforts to preserve the natural heritage of the Scarborough Bluffs Shoreline. 

Our comments and concerns have been submitted to Anne Cameron, Project Manager for the Ministry of the Environment. It is our hope that all of the issues we are concerned with will be carefully considered and when the Environmental Assessment Branch reviews the Environment Assessment Report that the TRCA has submitted, they will realize that the project is not only ill-conceived but environmentally unsound. I would like to clarify that those of us that have been working towards the preservation of the beach and shoreline are not against the waterfront trail but rather we would like to see a trail that celebrates the remarkable natural features of the Scarborough Bluffs rather than alter and destroy them.

We recently heard back from the Ministry of the Environment in acknowledgement of our submissions. While it was clarified that time for public comment is closed, we were pleased to learn that there will be a second opportunity to provide comments during the inspection of the Ministry Review document. This opportunity will be open to all members of the public and will last for 5 weeks. 

Please stay in touch if you would like to remain involved in this process. I will be providing updates to all those that are interested. Over the next couple of weeks I will also share some of the written submissions to give a clearer understanding of what's at stake and why so many people have dedicated so much time towards preserving this beautiful shoreline.